Why Are Grains Bad For You

Why are grains bad for you? There are a few reasons: they can contain gluten, they’re high in carbohydrates, and they can be low in nutrients. For people who have gluten sensitivities, grains can cause digestive problems. Grains are also high in carbs, which can lead to weight gain. And many grains are low in […]

Lunch Ideas For Kindergartners – Fun, easy, and healthy lunches your kindergartner will love!

Lunch is an important part of the school day, and it’s especially important for kindergartners. A nutritious and filling lunch will help them stay focused and energized throughout the day. There are many different lunch ideas that kindergartners will love. One option is to pack them a sandwich or wrap filled with their favorite ingredients. […]

Are Smoothie Bowls Healthy?

Smoothie bowls have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and for good reason – they are a delicious and healthy way to enjoy a smoothie. But are smoothie bowls really as healthy as they seem? Smoothie bowls are made by blending a variety of fruits and vegetables together and then serving the smoothie in […]